Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, Rhode Island

Hi! I’m Nina…

I’m here completely stepping out of my comfort zone. I never would have thought I’d be the person starting the blog, but as I type through this, I’m getting more and more excited to share my experiences, tips, and photos from around the world with all of you!

In my everyday life, I’m an accountant (fun, right?) in New York City. Just like every other type A accountant, I like everything about my work to be extremely organized, on a strict schedule, and controlled, but when I travel I’m a new person. I find myself tripping into that type B personality type box; I’m relaxed and definitely more carefree. Don’t get me wrong, I still have all of my trips planned out day by day with lists of things I want to do, places I want to see, and food I want to try, but once my feet hit the ground outside of New York, I let go and let the other side of me shine through.

All in all, I’m your average girl who caught the travel bug and completely fell in love with traveling. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Where I am…

I’m back home taking advantage of all of the local adventures I can while planning my next getaway!

Where I am going…

May 2020 (postponed)









October 2020

Georgia, USA

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