26 Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Today is my 26th birthday! I figured it would be fun to do a list of some gift ideas for all of my fellow travelers out there.

Golden Birthday! 26 on the 26th!

I know shopping for any occasion can be difficult and stressful (like I never know what to get my dad …ever). BUT if you know a person’s hobbies or interests it can sometimes make the process a little easier. I said sometimes. Other times, no matter how well you know a person you still aren’t confident your shopping skills will impress them. This is even more so the case when that persons’ hobby/interest can get a tad expensive, i.e. travel. In the birthday spirit, I decided to try and help out anyone shopping for a their travel loving friend or family member. Here’s a list of 26 affordable and adorable travel related gifts!

  1. Travel Journal
    • Every traveler wants somewhere to jot down their adventures so they’ll never forget!
  2. Backpack
    • Backpacks are the way to go when traveling. Every traveler needs one before a trip.
  3. Travel Memory Keychain
    • What a better way to commemorate travels than a keychain showing everywhere they have been. They can even hang it on their new travel backpack!
    • Mine is from Traveller Collective and I love it! My mom started it for me one Christmas and I just finished buying my country rings recently. I am obsessed.
  4. Guidebooks
    • Who doesn’t love a good guidebook? The guidebooks are both interesting and informative, and will prep your traveler for their trip!
  5. Packing Cubes
    • I never knew how much I needed packing cubes in my life until I got them. I promise, these will change your traveler’s life.
  6. Travel Wallet
    • A regular wallet just doesn’t cut it for those big trips. A travel wallet is more organized, and just way more practical.
  7. Passport Cover
    • Ok maybe not necessary, but so cute! There are so many travel themed ones, and you can even personalize the covers for your traveler!
  8. Water Bottle
    • This may seem ridiculous, but it is a necessity everyone forgets to pack. Bonus points if the water bottle has a built in filter and/or a clip for your backpack.
  9. Eco Friendly Toiletries
    • Everyone needs fresh toiletries for their trips, but why not be a friend to the environment at the same time. Putting together a bunch toiletries (bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tabs, shampoo bars, etc.) can save your traveler from forgetting the necessities. You can even put them all in the next gift suggestion! 
  10. Toiletry bag
    • Your traveler is going to need somewhere to store all of those eco-friendly products! Make sure you get one with a little hook on it, so they can hang it in the bathroom!
  11. Outlet converter
    • If you know someone going on an international trip an outlet converter is never a bad idea.
  12. Portable Phone Charger
    • Every traveler needs to stay charged up to take all those gorgeous Instagram pictures and use all their fun travel apps.
  13. Photo book
    • If you’ve gone on a trip with a friend or family member, why not make a photo book to showcase all the amazing memories you made together!
  14. Coloring book
    • Coloring books are relaxing and the perfect activity for any long haul flights or calming those pre-vacation jitters!
  15. Tripod
    • Even if they say they don’t want one. They do. Especially if they are a solo traveler.
  16. Puzzle map
    • A fun, crafty way to commemorate travels! If you buy a blank wooden puzzle map, you can cut out pictures from the state/country and glue them to the puzzle map. This is a fun, thoughtful craft that your traveler will love forever and can keep adding to!
  17. Portable WiFi
    • Do I really have to explain this one? No one wants to be trapped without Internet access even on a vacation where they are disconnecting from the rest of the world.
  18. Luggage scale
    • Is your traveler always over packing and paying those pesky extra baggage fees? The luggage scale will help them prevent realizing they over packed before they even leave.
  19. Security
    • Solo travelers and all travelers (especially females) honestly need some sort of security. There are so may different options here, but a unique and useful one to gift would be a door alarm for the hotel/hostel/airbnb door.
  20. Neck pillow
    • Long flights and road trips can be uncomfortable, so give the gift of comfort!
  21. Sleepy time accessories
    • Neighbors are the worst all across the board and that applies to hotels and hostels too. Having earplugs will be a game changer. An eye mask is always nice too since we’re on the sleep topic!
  22. Jewelry Case
    • No one wants a tangled necklace in their underwear when they open their luggage.
  23. Suitcase organizer
    • This will basically turn their suitcase into a closet. It’s the ultimate organization tool for a traveler.
  24. Waterproof phone case
    • Don’t take the chance that their phone will get water damage on their trip, because then you wont see any of those gorgeous vacation pictures!
  25. Fund jar
    • Ok so you’re traveler already has everything they need/want for their trips, just help them out with the trip funds. Putting together a cute little jar with some money in it gets them started to either fund their trip or putting spending money aside for when they do go.
  26. Airbnb gift card
    • If you’re still not too confident on a specific gift, you can never go wrong with a gift card & Airbnb is the perfect option for your traveler!

I hope this helps you! xo

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