Popular Travel Destinations

Here’s just a quick list of some places to go to help give you some travel inspiration!

What’s high on my list?

  • South Africa – take a dive to see some beautiful Great Whites or stay on land to see some big cats.
  • Scotland – just watch Outlander on Netflix and this will be self explanatory. Do you SEE that scenery?
  • Australia – now I know I can break this down further, but there isn’t a region of Australia I don’t want to explore!
  • Banff, Canada – those crystal blue lakes reeled me right in. Talk about picture perfect.

What’s popular recently on my feed?

  • Iceland – I’ve seen more posts on my timeline in the past year in Iceland than any other destination, and based on the pictures, it makes sense why it is so popular!
  • Thailand – this has to be a close second in popularity lately. You can even lend a hand at an elephant sanctuary here!
  • Bali – maybe take a combo trip along with Thailand!
  • Paris – how could one of the most romantic cities be left off of this list?
  • Greece – an absolutely stunning country filled with immense history, interesting mythology, and stunning architecture.

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